Weight Loss Program in Middletown, NY

Northern Medical Center is your partner on the journey to better health through our comprehensive weight loss program. Our commitment to addressing your unique health needs sets us apart. As experienced healthcare providers, we take an integrative approach, focusing on your overall well-being. Our goal is to help you shed excess weight and ensure long-term success.

Weight Loss Programmiddletown Overview

Initial Consultation and Assessment

Kickstart your journey with an initial consultation led by our experienced healthcare providers. This includes a thorough examination and essential bloodwork assessments to tailor your program to your specific needs.

Monthly Progress Monitoring

Our program includes monthly visits for close monitoring of your progress. During these visits, we take measurements, photographs, discuss dietary habits, exercise routines, and your overall wellness. Most insurance plans cover essential visits, including bloodwork and prescribed medications. For medications that are not covered, we offer a convenient cash payment option. Types of medication that may be prescribed include: appetite suppressants, metabolic boosters, fat absorption inhibitors, and hormone regulators. All medications will be administered by a qualified medical professional and results will be closely monitored at all times for patient safety.

Dedicated Monitoring App

To support your journey, we provide access to a dedicated app designed for monitoring your diet and exercise. This facilitates seamless communication with our care team and is available for just $99 per month*. (*We recommend a comprehensive six-month treatment plan for maximum success.)

Seamless Care Coordination

— No Need For Separate Primary Care Physicians

Unlike other programs that require patients to maintain separate primary care physicians and coordinate care with them, we offer a more streamlined and practical approach. We understand that expecting PCPs to actively engage with a private weight loss program can be unrealistic and may lead to important aspects of care being overlooked.

At Northern Medical Center, there’s no need for external coordination. We prioritize your well-being by providing comprehensive and integrated care. We also offer medication, stress management, and acupuncture to support your weight loss goals.

Our commitment to your health goes beyond just shedding pounds; we’re dedicated to enhancing your overall well-being, ensuring you receive the best possible care during your weight loss journey.

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