James Chao, MD


Medical Director and Pediatrician at Northern Medical Center
Member of the American Academy of Pediatrics
Member of National Physician’s Board of Germany
Affiliation: Children’s Regional Hospital at Cooper University Hospital in Sewell, N.J., and Jefferson Washington Township Hospital


As a pediatrician with over 35 years of experience, Dr. Chao has extensive experience working with children. He specializes in infectious diseases such as bronchiolitis, colds, flu, ear infections, as well as chronic health issues, for example allergies, asthma, delayed growth, and obesity. Dr. Chao also helps children with autism, ADHD and ADD.


English, Chinese, and German


  • Residency with SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn
  • Research associate at the Department of Pediatrics, Baylor
    College of Medicine, Texas
  • Pediatrics, University of Dusseldorf School of Medicine, in Dusseldorf, Germany

Patient Reviews

"Me and my family can’t thank Dr. Chao enough for all the care he has given our 2 daughters since the day they were born. He has always gone out of his way to check on his patients and help their parents during any illness their children might have. He is such an amazing person and he loves being a pediatric doctor. Dr. Chao should receive the highest award possible for dedication and service to all the children he has cared for. Thank you Dr. Chao."

- Anonymous

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