Guest Speaker Seminar: featuring world-renowned plastic surgeon

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Top Plastic Surgery and Beauty Trends in Asia


On October 15th, Northern Medical Center (NMC) hosted a private in-person seminar for enthusiasts and professionals within the beauty, aesthetics, and healthcare fields. The attendees not only learned about the top beauty trends from a world-renowned plastic surgeon, but also about the cutting edge non-surgical cosmetic procedures available at NMC in Middletown, NY.

Dr. Cha–one of Korea’s top plastic surgeons–is a doctor to many celebrities, and the winner of the 2017 International Health Care Professional of the Year. As the founder of one of the most trusted plastic surgery centers in Korea, Dr. Cha has been featured on NBC News, CBC News, and Forbes Magazine.

He shared top beauty trends in Asia and the latest techniques he applies to deliver optimal results for his clients with extremely high safety rate.

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